Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Wayans Bros Productions.

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away. There lived three sith lords, The Dark Traders. JK.
Excactly one job ago, I worked for the Wayans putting together a series of books that were gonna be released nation wide,. They're coming out in all the stores soon.
When I left, the books were half done. All the art on my part however, was done. Seeing as how I worked on them for years one end.
I recently heard from one of my old coworkers, that the books are being set up to get ready to begin attempting to send them to the publisher. The art is being preped.
"101 ways to know..." is the main title. The books will contain different types of jokes and correlating illustrations. Look 'em up.
Google, Wayans, 101 ways to know...
My name will most likely not appear anywhere. As my relationship with the brothers is ruined.
(their fault, not mine) ask around.
Anyhow, keep an eye out.

Here's a link.


A bunch of my colleagues and I are working on "MON" a series of designs. Check 'em.

Some sexy stuff I posted on

I didn't finish it, (looser) but, check it, you'll get the idea. I drew it for the C.O.W on conceptart. The weeks topic was, unique lovers. And the thread number just so happened to be 69. This creature was the female version of the Creature of the week. I'll post the male up later.

This is soooooo awesome!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some stuff on that I stared in!!!

I'm the Star in the green shirt and the mowack who says the important line " eat the freakin' cake!!!"


I'm diggin this new day and age, this age of information. This age of MEDIA!!! Sweet!!!
Check this out too........


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unicorns and hand grenades!!!

Here are some images from a flash game you can play on
Go on the site, and under games, go to "unicorns and hand gernades"
I did a lot of the illustrations for the game.
The game will tell you how well you did in the end, check these trophies out.

Portfolio pages.

Portfolio pages.

Here are some, kida recent portfolio pages.
Some stuff I worked on.