Sunday, November 29, 2009

Next few events featuring Leftyjoe.

These are some upcoming events that Leftyjoe (emerging LA artist) will be participating in. Come check out some new art, some merch featuring Leftyjoe art, and get your caricature drawn as well!!!

New pigeon design! Natures Mistake, all day everyday!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Check it, wooooo!!! One of my heroes

Tim Biskup!!! Wooo!!!!

Check where I was this last

LC (from Thinkspace gallery and cannibal flower) holdin it down on the wheels of steel.

Check out the coverage the El Barn got!

Thanks to The Status Fraction crew for throwing a great LAST show at the EL barn gallery.

go check out the pics yo!!!!


Some planning for the art i'll be showing in december.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Caricatures for your Next Party!!!

I can't believe I still manage to do this for a living! It's so awesome!!! Caricatures for events. Look at this picture of this total hottie!!! Woo!
I'll be doing AntFarm's Christmas Party! December 11th. You can hire me too for your next event!
I'll be doing some events with BJ from the LA indy bazaar as well! Stay tuned!!!

check out my other blog:

yo, download this image of the flier! Get me some paid customers, and YOUR next party is free!!!

Art of emerging LA artist Leftyjoe, featured in Necleus Gallery.

Pleas come see Nature's Mistake and the art of emerging LA artist Leftyjoe, featured in Nucleus Gallery's Colab 2009 art and craft market! Sunday December 13th, 1pm to 8pm.

Saturday NOvember 14, 2009, art gallery show!!!

Looking for something to do for the weekend of November 14, 2009. Come check out the El Barn Gallery's last show ever!!! Featuring the work of The Status Fraction crew! Read about them,check out what their crazy art collective is doing!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Natures Mistake for yo ass!!!

So, we're gonna take on the competition in more ways than one! We're going after Shepard Fairey, Upper playground, the hundreds and a few other clothing lines! Keep an eye out for Natures Mistake's parody tees!!!
Concepts by Matt Gieger: Owner C.E.O, Anthony De LaRosa: Sales Rep/P.R/creative director and Leftyjoe: Designer/Art director.