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killing to birds with one stone for Illustration friday.

This is the first stage of my "homage to the silver screen monsters" not done yet, W.I.P,

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Latest W.I.P.s

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Today's work 1

These are fro some show that myspace picked up. They're drawings that a cartoon character in the show drew in her notebook. You'll understand when you see the show on myspace video. I'll post the vid'd link to when it's up. For now, hush hush.

Today's work. 2

Today's lunchtime W.I.P

Awesome weekend.

Terrorizing my parents with questionalble behavior has been a pastime of mine since I declared at the age of 5 that I wanted to be a hair dresser. Hey, what can I say, it made sense to me at the time, my sisters had hot friends that would let me play with their hair. LOL. So, well, this is what I did this time. Check it. I brought my friends from an old crew over, to run a muck on the walls of my childhood room in my parents house.

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Todays sketches,

Sunday, March 09, 2008

i think this is the last of the drunken master postings from the show, oh wait, there's one more....

The pink elephant looking thingy in this pic is "mines", yes, that's how I choose to say it, mines. The other paintings, I don't know whose they are?

More dunken master stuff...

Jack Rossi's art show "Zui Quan Masters" was inspired by ; in the words of Ila Erickson, " inspired by his love for Asian cinema, graffiti roots..."
However, my contribution to the show was inspired by something far off the cognitive. Having done an illustration several months back, of an asian elephant holding a gourd and donning buddah beads, my drunken master was inspired by my new found love for a wonderful Belgian ale called Delirium Tremens. The label and logo consist of a blue background and a pink elephant. That was my inspiration for the illustration.
But the day that Jack called me to invite me to participate in his solo show,"Drunken Masters" and to serve as one of the mythological "Eight Immortals" patron guardians of alcohol in Chinese mythology, I was Delirious with excitement!!! I knew exactly what I was going to use for the breath of my part in the "Drunken Masters show".
The idea of pink, Asian elpephant posed in the many stances of the famous martial art seemed more and more intriguing as I sat at Luck Baldwin's in Pasadena California one night, during the 9th annual Belgian Beer festival. I just so happened to be drinking an amazing beer, that also features the pink elephant. Delirium Tremens. A beer whose namesake has left that very feeling in my heart and mind. I truly am having withdrawals from it's smooth and rich taste.

I would also like to thank Pickwick Liquors in Covina California, for providing the 5 pint and a half bottles of Delirium tremens that i purchased for the opening night of the show.
And a shout out to Joseph, who was working there the nights that I bought the beers that fueled my creativity.

A great debt of gratitude is owed to the Delirium Tremens brewery, also for inspiring me with their artful product.

And an even greater debt is owed to all my loved ones, friends and family who have supported me with my art, and to the wonderful people, Daniel and Sally of, the gallery that gave this wretch his first crack at the gallery scene.

And most of all, Jack Rossi, the man who had it in his heart, to call me and let me show some art in his solo show.
Jack Rossi, I thank you.

Still Drunk....

Drunken still,

I really hate this one... but, it was in the show, so I guess someone liked it?

Drunken Master....

Drunken master cont.

Pictures of My stuff from Jack Rossi's "Zui Quan Masters" show, Here are my drunken masters

Thursday, March 06, 2008

One more drunken master, and todays work at LG.

Drunken Master concepts for the show.

Here are those designs I mention in the previous post.

OMG!!! Such a busy few weeks.

Holy smoke!!! It's been such a busy few months. At the full time job, we were wrapping up our pilot, the one I've been posting designs of for a lil over a year now. the animators finally get to do their thing and give it life. We've been waiting for this thing to be over, and as of Wednesday, we wrap it up. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and see if it becomes the next Simpsons. Also, Geoffrey Golden, who is now Lead writer at Meteor Games and myself, have been working one night a week on our web comic Hella Koala, you can go see it at

Also, a good friend Jack Rossi, invited me to put up some art in his show, Zui Quan Masters at gallery in the LBZ. I will be part of the show, sadly I feel I may come up short. I had been sooooo excited about the show. I ventured into unfamiliar territory. I have only been in One other show, Chuck from "Black Metal" invited me to do some pieces for his "Metal Show" in Westchester. This time around, I had lots of time, so I started planning quickly. Being the anal perfectionist that I am, I couldn't decide on the sketches, those probably took me longer than the actual pieces.
I started off doing oils, once again, a path not previously tread. I had some advice from an amazing artist and long time Asian brother, Jonathan Kuo. Despite his help and advice, I managed to completely ruin the works. So, I started from scratch. I went out and got myself some acrylics. I'm familiar with acrylics and quite comfortable with them. Oils, were way to ambitious for one who had a show coming up very soon.
I hope people like the pieces at least a lil. If they're not met with appreciation, it will only serve me as a catalyst, to practice and get better. I haven't really painted since high school.
I originally wanted to do some Vango-esque stuff in oils. I really like sloppy impressionism. I'm not to keen on hyper-realism, or super rendered stuff, at least not as far as something I personally like to put out. I wouldn't complain though, if I painted like "Crayola", you dig?
Anyhow, I will be wrapping up the paintings tonight, and maybe doing some small ones,
wish me luck.

Here are the concepts for the first series of my "Drunken master" paintings, these were not used. I'll post the photos of the paintings tomorrow.