Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Peice for Andi Garcia's currated art show "Tits tatts and termoil"  My peice "Tumultuous" for sale at 423 Gallery, (address 423 w. venice blvd. LA 90015)    ( i also work at the tattoo studio at the same address. come by)

I am selling merchandise on  eveytime they print one of my products, i get a free sample sent to me.

Piece for the Comic show at Hive gallery a few months back.

Just for fun.

Progess on a painting for a friend who lost a loved one.

Ido tattoos now.

Open Wall to draw on t WWA Gallery culver city.

Rob from WWA Gallery signing his decree on gallery artist etiquette.

the finished painting for my friend.

tattoo design for a friend.

tattoo flash i will be selling to shops all over. :)