Monday, June 29, 2009

The Lust monster and the painting-bot.

I'm brimming with ideas, and I think I'm going a totally different way with my paintings for the show.

Friday, June 26, 2009

lighting study.


It'a been kinda hard to concentrate on work these days. My BFF is mad at me. :(

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A couple of doodles.

I was watching "I-robot" last night with my roommate Chef Louie fo the Chateau Marmont, (i thought i'd send him a lil name droppage and a lil shout out on my blog.)

And I decided to do a lil Steve Silver study.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wayans brothers Books that I illustrated for!!!

I worked for the Wayans way long ago. And the books I worked on are finally out. Woooo!

Here's a page in the book that I illustrated.


So I'm gonna draw the A-team guys for fun. :) In that cartoon retro style. (Man! I really wanna work at nickelodeon or cartoon network! they keep saying they'll hire me and then, don't. :(

More pages from my new lil,medium sketchbook.

Drawings of my lovely muse, my best girl friend, Chloey-bear.

Here's my new lil sketchbook I bought.

I'm working on finishing One big sketchbook, a medium one, this one that I just started, and one lil one.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More breast cancer stuff!!! Save the boobies!!!!

I'm sooooo stocked!!! Breast cancer Fundraiser.

So, as you all may or may not know. I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed on april 20 of 2001 with a very aggressive strain of multi-germ-cell tumor testicular cancer that within a few days already metastasized and spread to my lymph nodes, 30 were removed and 25 of those 30 were riddled with cancer. I wouldn't be here if not for the grace of God, Jackie Chai (my girlfriend at the time who accidentally leaned on my groin accidentally and made me paranoid enough to check my nuts for stuff, and for one chance encounter with a TV show about the documentary of Tom Green the comedian and his whole ordeal with the nut-cancer thing. And also for the wonderful program that U.S.C medical has for young dudes or dudets who are under 21 and have lil or no money to pay for all that medical stuff. (dude, i was in school, had no job, no insurance, I was only a legal permanent resident of the U.S, but there was a program I got into to pay for my entire costs!!! (take that Michael Moore and your stupid movie. (yeah, the U.S government payed for my entire medical bill!!!
So, well, I draw caricatures at my fiend Barbara Boswell's annual breast cancer fundraiser. :) this year though, i will have a booth, and I'll be selling some art which half of the earnings will go to her fundraiser. :)
Here's my development.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stuff for the art show, Mawnstirrs and Rowboughts.

So, for practice, I decided to paint up the lil robot that is half of the monsters and robots show logo. I think I'm gonna paint it. :)

Nickelodeon style stuff.

Man, I really wanna work there!!! Lat comic con, i talked to an art director that was interviewing at the portfolio review booth for nickelodeon. He told me I would get a job soon. :( that was last July. I'll keep pressing on.

Preston Blair studies, or Leftyjoe vs Preston Blair.

So, a while ago I got a test from an acquaintance at nickelodeon. The test was for storyboards. Well, I didn't pass the test. My acquaintance told me to study up and copy the whole entire Preston Blair book. so, that's just what i do when I'm bored and uninspired or when I'm sick of my current projects.