Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's not fun if the homies can't have none.

Hehehehe, to all the coworkers from Universal, lol here's Mario and Lee-uigi, lol get it.


Caricatures gallore.

Wow. More to post.

Funny sign.

Some random lil sketches.

The Ba~no brothers.

These are two lil characters that we came up with at work. They're both luchadores. Number One always has to hurry and finish his matches on account of his bladder problems. Number Two's finishing move is "the Mud Slide". Can you guess why it's called the mud side? lol.

We're doing several lil story driven character designs just for fun. We all take a stab at drawing, #1. Samurai vs Wrestler, #2. Yupi douchebag werewolf, #3. 80's hairband werewolf, #4 the Ban~o brothers, and... a few others.

I'll post more of the other concepts soon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

All in a day's work.

One thing I love the most about working at a retail caricature concession, is that during the slow season, or during down time ( in between customers ) I can work on anything I want!!! This is what i did today. Playing with guache for the first time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some of Last week's drawings.

Sal, the new kid at work.

Last wednessday was awesome!!!

There was a mistake in the work schedule, so I was told not to come in. So, I sat around sketching and drawing all day! Wow, that's living.
Here's a lil warmup.

Another funny reaction.

Once again, i got caught up in the fast pace of caricatures for retail, that i didn't take a picture of this drawing, and it was a pretty good one. :) You can see it in the vid though, check it out.

The Fleming family.

Occasionally, i like to give people a nice cute caricature they can take home and be proud of, one they can look at and not be self conscious about! Here's an example of just such a thing. These guys really liked the caricature. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the drawing itself.

wow, expect a lot of stuff posted later today!!!!

A lot!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New guy at work, Robert Iza,

well, this was the first set of drawings i did of the talented Mr.Iza. Hehe, i love being a caricature artist. You can insult someone a lil bit, and make a lasting friendship. LOL, someone at work said Robert looked like the love child of an ewok and George lucas, so, that comment inspired these drawings. hehehe. Kudos to you Robert, i'll look forward to the many more drawings we do of oneanother.... MUUUUUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Weird, lol

So, i wanted to draw something disturbing, lol well if you've ever seen me in a wet suit you may never be the same. lol.

The famous Heri Sanchez, as known to me .....

You all may know him as Heri26, or Heri Sanchez, but I know him as Heriberto the lil boy that my parents found on the mean streets of Mejico... we took him in, cleaned him up, and we even gave him a pet goat! I nicknamed him hencheforth...."Harry-beartoes"
I love this guy, he's a good artist and a good friend, and a great sport, specially when i make fun of him and his pet goat. lol, sorry heri, it's all in good fun. lol.

My coworkers and friends, as seen through my eyes.

So, i decided to draw the new guy at work Mike, my roommate Gabriel and my best bud Jeremy as characters in my favorite style!!! Enjoy!!!

OK, here are some sketches from yesterday!!!

Victor and Maria Payes!!!

Victor and Maria Payes. Two very fun people! I enjoy working with both of them. And, I see here in this video that Victor has an even more awesome rapier witt than I thought. We have this on-going joke at work, "No se parese..." Is something every caricature artist hates to hear at any point in the retail caricature process.
That lil phrase is basically " I don't see the resemblance.." You can see how irritating that would be to a caricaturist.
Well, let's watch the video...

My friend Chloe and her family!!!

This is Chloe's lil cousin who's name I don't know!

This is Meatball!

This is the one I call Pocahontas, lol. Chloe and her family make fun of her all the time. She's the darkest of her siblings, so before i actually drew her, they had me fake her out. I drew an all black stick figure. (Chloe's idea.)
Here's the vid fake out.

Chloe's cutie mom! Her reaction was awesome! She needs to lay off the thigh master, see what I mean in the vid.

The famous Chloe!

This is Chipmunk.