Friday, April 06, 2007

Hey!!! Check it out, old sketches from Hayley's bar.

We used to do the figure drawing thing in Pasadena long ago. But we got in trouble.
Well, check out what we used to do.

Oh, and this one is really special,
One day they brought some stuff in to the middle of the room. We saw then, a man setting up a pulley system from the crossbeams of the ceiling, wich dangled in the middle of the encircled artist waiting to capture whatever poses the models brought.
The chains and pulley may have been a prelude to a model posing as if on a swing or something. Well, we all had our presumptions. What we then heard from one of the men astonished us.
"Tonight, we're bringing something a little different to Hayley's bar. We warn you now, if you are at all sqeemish, or detest the sight of blood, leave now or now you have been afore warned." well, it wasn't like that verbatim, but something along those lines.
A young tattooed man with losts of peircing walked in soon after with some large meet hooks. He attached the two hooks to a chain, and soon took of his shirt.
What we then aspired to draw, was this if you can imagine.

Yes folks, he was peirced by some skin near his shoulderblades, and hoisted about 3 or 4 feet off the floor. Awesome huh.

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