Thursday, November 08, 2007

Drawing participation for Battle for the land of OZ.

Hey Y'all. I probably left you all hanging. Just been a lil busy. Well, here are some really rought concepts for MY version of "Battle for the Land of OZ".
Like I said, I fanially came up with a twist that I'm happy with. Here's the gist of the story.
It's the late 1870's, the British have begun their war on the Zulu nation. One young witch from a western tribe has managed to keep the army at bay. And prevent them from breaching her village. Back in Great Brittan, the queen isn't pleased. so she hires an elite band of mercenaries to take out this troublesome witch. A in Irish punk, Dorothy the weapons expert, "The scare crow" a sniper, "the Tinman" a heavy duty gunner whose armor clad body is impenetrable, " the cowardly lion" the medic who's large hairy physic is his namesake. They are all commission to take out this young witch at all cost, and cost is irrelevant.
The young witch has only her colony of winged vervet monkeys and he rloyal african wild dog Toto to aid her in her defense of the village. Will she save her village, or will the mercenaries take her out quietly ?

Well, here are the rough concepts. I have yet to flush them out a lil more.

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