Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hey, cool!!! First week of 08 back at work, and back on our cool pilot show thingy that we're developing, YAY!!!

So, I posted a few moments after the new years countdown, but, I didn't actually draw what i posted in the new year, i actually drew that, around 4 or 5pm the evening of new year's eve. And, i'm pretty sure I didn't draw new year's day. I ate some mexican food, and lied around feeling heavy and bloated, as is customary for one who has just fallen prey to the Meztiso delicacies.
So, here's the first drawing for 2008, wow, 2008!!! OMGosh,

So, back to work, back to the pitchy pitch pilot show thingy.

I did some lil sketches for what will be marble busts of either Gandolfini of DeNiro for a lil italian restaurant in our show.

It's a crazy quazi-nickelodeon-ish style I concocted from the farthest recesses of my mind. LOL,

Hopefully I'm not labled too much of a Biter. I just really like the Nick-n-cartoon network style/ moder UPA-ish stuff. (or whatever you call it)

Here are the first sketches for '08, from first to last, (well, last of the work day)
top to bottom.

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