Monday, April 07, 2008

Illustration friday WIP. "Somebody SAVE me from myself, I'm just so sexy..."

I'll be working on this throughout the week guys, it may change a lil.


Josh (musarter) said...

Nice drawing. The gesture is great.

Joe David Torres said...

thank you josh, thank you mucho!

neil said...

Hi Joe

Love the tension in this drawing. He must be giving himself the mother of all wedgies! I particularly like the guys chin, it would not look out of place on the prow of a ship! Very well done

Joe David Torres said...

thanks mucho neil, i appreciate you coming to my blog to check it out, and thanks for the kind words.
your IF comrade,

Og Roberts said...

The energy in this piece is immense. It looks like he is going to explode off the screen.

Very good!

Gigi Moore said...

Wow! This is an awesome drawing. Love the expression in his face. great job