Monday, February 16, 2009

This pasr week's art.

LOTR fan art. My takes in different styles on Gandalf the Grey, lol, well, ok, brown or yellow.

My friend Warren Pemberton, a skilled artist, and native american indian, is subject to much light hearted humorous pontifications and illustrations. We all love Warren dearly and are glad he has an even temper and a great sense of humor. I called him one day to see if he could come out and play, but he told me he was at school making macaroni necklaces. So, Jeremy and I imagined an american native tribe that invented macaroni. lol.

A character design that I've always wanted to do. Vampirella.

Jeremy Rusnak, (my best bud and very talented artist from chigago now transplanted here in LA) Jeremy amazes us all with his exceptional memory. And exceptional art skills. This is a rendition of our supervisor Armando, done from memory. OMG.

I admit, here's my hentai. LOL. Blossom from powerpuff girls, as a mature smoldering 30 year old vixen. Wooo!!! Powerpuff Milfs!!! (hehe, perv)

On my way up to friend Robert Iza's apartment, a group of four Mexican women, two adults and two of elementary school age, completely stopped what they were doing and stared at me in unison. Their gaze never broke, and as I passed them, I couldn't help but chuckle and think, "the children of the corn-tortilla." LOL

An awesome haunt of the universal caricature gang, Tonga hut in NoHo, has a 7 foot tall easter island head. Awesome huh?

I didn't want to waist paint, so I crapped this out. Heheh. I 20's flapper girl.

These were some lil sketches for a new take on the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy is just an imaginative lil girl, and the rest fo the cast of characters are merely alley cats and debri from the alley. Whatcha think? I'll post more.

This is just some cheesy 80's dude.

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