Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, two birds with one stone.

So, friday and sunday this last weekend, I was at the Nature's Mistake booth at the California market place "Focus" apparel trade show. and of course, i topped it off with CARICATURES!!! Caricatures makes every event fun. (it's a great ice breaker and draws lots fo attention to the booth. ) :)

check out my other blog,in case you wanna hire me for an event.

Our newest member to the team, sales rep/ promoter and DJ, "Ghettoblaster"!!! On the ones and two's at the show, and his good friend Kula who also spun, along with DJ Rugburn and a few others.


thetwat said...

awww its us!!! hey lefty joe how are you?

Leftyjoe said...

hi there "thetwat" lol.