Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tiger, tiger burning bright,

In the forests of the night. LOL, Here the latest victim.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Latest news about Leftyjoe.

I'll be curating a fairly large group pop art show soon in downtown LA. Details on stay tuned. I'll bulletin on my facebook and on Please prepare! The show is called "Mawnstirs and Rowboughts." aka, robots and monsters.
Monsters and Robots have most likely left an impact on everyone. The participants of this group show will try to express just how those two icons of human culture have touched and influenced them as creative individuals. This is not a versus show, it's merely a compilation of pieces from both themes. We'll try to show our own individuals takes and styles. No known characters will be shown. And hopefully, all the peices in the show will be pushed to the fullest potential of the artists skill, talent and creativity.

Stay tuned, the date will be posted at least a month in advance! The address will be 606 6th st. LA CA. (it's on the corner of 6th st and Crocker) parking will be available and round the clock security is available to watch the vehicles parked.

more details soon.

Fan art or Redux, whatever.

This cheetah girl that Astrodevil drew is one of my very very very favorite drawings ever. I wanted to do my own take on this character. I love character design!!! Here are some of my rough concepts and a wip of the pose of the final piece.

MON crew!!! Let's get back up!!!

Calling all MON crew artists, I'm gonna revive MON yo!!! Here's my "girl-bff" chloe as a MON character.

Don't piss off your caricature artist.

Lol, naw, these two kids and their mom were really cool and funny. The kids requested to be drawn with these really cool background images. Well, the kid with the killer bunny actually asked for that specifically, the kid with the lon got a pleasant surprise. Since they were so cool, I decided to go ahead and surprise him. Cool huh?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some tees that are gonna be sold at Coechella.

These guys the knux are cool, check them out on youtube.

Check it,

Some stuff I did for the LA indy Bazaar. :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Just remainising,

and, well, maybe a lil showing off. Did I mention I have internet again. I canceled my internet back when i was working at
Shoot, being on the internet all day at work made me sick of it. Plus, work is like a second home anyhow. There was no need for me to have it at home. Now though, I have internet on my laptop anywhere I go. I bought on of those nifty internet usb thingyz.

Here's some visual development for a background for an animated pilot I worked on. A cool night shot.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Man, check these guys out!!!

Yo, if you happen to spend some time on my blog, please look at spme of my friend's work. Stop by, leave them a comment.

This guy here, man, he's making me proud, and well, he's definitely helping light a fire under my butt so I don't get lazy.

check him out....

More of those characters.

Some characters I did for a pitch. A company whose name i need to withhold, asked me to do these. They're for a show that will be pitched soon to a few networks.
Rough visual developments by Joe David Torres, character designer. (aka Lefty, aka Leftyjoe)

Some recent work.

Top secret of course. Art is owned by it's respective owners. (I was made to sign over any rights whatsoever) Character designs by me Lefty.

More art from these past few weeks.

Hi all.
I'll be uploading very very very often from now on. I've been an updating whore before, and NOW i'll be back to my old upload-whoring tricks. I just ordered the usb-internet card thingy so I can have internet anywhere on my laptop. LOL, The funny thing is, my laptop is old, and the battery no longer holds a charge, lol so I'll be on the internet wherever I can plug my laptop in to a wall outlet. LOL