Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life changing experience at Thinkspace Gallery.

So, this last thursday I went to Thinkspace gallery to talk to LC. He does portfolio reviews every now and then. So, I finally did mine. Wow. That guy... I say he's the Oprah of the art world. (you know how Oprah will say something on her show, and it seems like what ever she mentions, becomes a best seller...)
Well, so this piece will probably be the last of the old Leftyjoe art.

In with the new Leftyjoe art. LC has given me purpose and direction. He suggested things for me to do with my art. And, brother.... I'm gonna listen. LC is an artist, gallery owner, art collect and more.... of course I'm gonna listen.

Thanks LC.

I'll be stepping out of the scene a lil, so that I can work on my next series of paintings.

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