Tuesday, January 04, 2011

First concept for the first painting of 2011.

I'm submitting this piece to a contest. wish me luck. :)
the development sketch done in photoshop. I will be traditionally painting this piece on a huge canvas. This will be the largest painting I have ever done. :)

The interpretation of this piece is: the human female figure to me is the most beautiful thing in nature. Mother nature. Men are the hunter gatherers and are usually depicted as predatory animals.

Well, this piece will be from a series of works for natures mistake.
In my opinion, humans are natures mistake, and essentially the piece depicts mankind as predatory animals preying and ready to destroy and devour mother nature.
The animals in the piece are ethereal manifestations of the ravenous human spirit of destruction and disrespect for nature. Real animals would never dream of harming mother nature.

Hopefully this meaning is evident in the art.

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