Thursday, March 06, 2008

OMG!!! Such a busy few weeks.

Holy smoke!!! It's been such a busy few months. At the full time job, we were wrapping up our pilot, the one I've been posting designs of for a lil over a year now. the animators finally get to do their thing and give it life. We've been waiting for this thing to be over, and as of Wednesday, we wrap it up. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and see if it becomes the next Simpsons. Also, Geoffrey Golden, who is now Lead writer at Meteor Games and myself, have been working one night a week on our web comic Hella Koala, you can go see it at

Also, a good friend Jack Rossi, invited me to put up some art in his show, Zui Quan Masters at gallery in the LBZ. I will be part of the show, sadly I feel I may come up short. I had been sooooo excited about the show. I ventured into unfamiliar territory. I have only been in One other show, Chuck from "Black Metal" invited me to do some pieces for his "Metal Show" in Westchester. This time around, I had lots of time, so I started planning quickly. Being the anal perfectionist that I am, I couldn't decide on the sketches, those probably took me longer than the actual pieces.
I started off doing oils, once again, a path not previously tread. I had some advice from an amazing artist and long time Asian brother, Jonathan Kuo. Despite his help and advice, I managed to completely ruin the works. So, I started from scratch. I went out and got myself some acrylics. I'm familiar with acrylics and quite comfortable with them. Oils, were way to ambitious for one who had a show coming up very soon.
I hope people like the pieces at least a lil. If they're not met with appreciation, it will only serve me as a catalyst, to practice and get better. I haven't really painted since high school.
I originally wanted to do some Vango-esque stuff in oils. I really like sloppy impressionism. I'm not to keen on hyper-realism, or super rendered stuff, at least not as far as something I personally like to put out. I wouldn't complain though, if I painted like "Crayola", you dig?
Anyhow, I will be wrapping up the paintings tonight, and maybe doing some small ones,
wish me luck.

Here are the concepts for the first series of my "Drunken master" paintings, these were not used. I'll post the photos of the paintings tomorrow.

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