Friday, May 09, 2008

Photoshop inking, inspired by Gabe from Penny arcade.

Man, I have always struggled to ink stuff in Photoshop, I was starting to think i was retarded. So, I was watching this vid from Gabe of Penny arcade fame, and, he had a tutorial. well, all i did, was set my wacom preffs to "stiff" or at least, one notch before stiff, and it made a world of difference.
Here is his vid, check it out.

And here was my result.


Angeewhoa said...

you got the ill communication, dawg!

great work as always

Mike Nassar said...

sick inks man. How you been man?!

and i agree, for under drawing setting wacom to mid-soft works great, but inking and getting controlled think-thin is best with firm setting.