Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday drawing goodness.

I was a bit distraught this weekend, although I do entertainment caricatures on saturdays, and that is a drawing, I sometimes feel sad when i don't draw in my sketchbook enough. I hang out at my parents house on the weekends. And I just sit around in the evening with them, and watch movies. As we do so, I sketch in my book, or paint stuff in photoshop on my laptop. This weekend I worked at a prom. and as always I arrive at the event about an hour or two early, so i can set up my easel with calm, and maybe sketch some stuff until the contracted time starts. well, I didn't get to do that on saturday. Drawing Caricatures for entertainment at events is fun, but like i said, my life feels whole when i draw in my sketchbook. Sunday, I went to my big brotha's company picnic, and I didn't get to sketch there either, i was really zoned out. Dammit.
Sunday evening, i got to go pick up my paintings from the art gallery where my last art show was. When I got home, my parents were just popping in "Cloverfield" man, that got some juices flowing. So i sketched this out. Wish i coulda done more though. Let's see how productive this week goes.

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