Wednesday, July 16, 2008

" Let them eat pancackes" Uberbot Gallery, Florida

So, for the first time, a gallery contacted me to be in a group show. Steve Lewis from uberbot gallery, contacted me through myspace. Weird thing was, he referred to me as David, my middle name, that's my middle name. I was curious, since my myspace has no indication that my middle name is David. He said someone pointed me out to him, he didn't remember who? But he said it may have been one of the Drink and draw social club guys, I asked them, it deffinitely wasn't Dave Johnson, he told me it wasn't him, Jeff Johnson thinks he may have done it, but doesn't remember, Dan Panosian also thinks it may have been him, but also doesn't recal. we all know how artists memory center works. (It works badly) well, to Steve Lewis and the rest of the participants, and to whom ever pointed me out to Steve, I great gratitude is extended out from me to them, for letting me be part of such a fun and awesome creative group effort. all of the artists that showed, are absolutely awesome!!!
Here are pics of the pieces i submitted to the show.

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