Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Back from Comic Con and I have good news.

So this year, getting laid off was a blessing. I enjoyed working at my last job, but, it was holding me back from my dream. Sadly, as in previous jobs, the work i did was not gonna help me for the next job. I had to work extra hard on my spare time to study, draw and progress artistically. With the help of a friend, Alison Mann, after years of correspondence with her and guidance from her, I prepared for my yearly visit to the Comic con portfolio review session.

Well, this year, my work payed off. The stuff I worked on in my spare time is probably what sealed the deal. I did have a blast working at my last job. And I attained a huge body of work, which helped to show my artistic range. But, like I said, it wasn't enough. So I took all my studies and refined them, and put them into the porfolio.
Well, thank you Alison, I did what you told me.

I was finally told by cartoon network, that the only thing in my way at this point is, "Timing" to stay on top of the job hotline, and "if you were to apply, you'd probably get it...." (not verbatim) Hasbro offered me freelance work. And a wonderful person, an art director I corresponded with from nickelodeon, with the invaluable help of google and all the social networking sites, connected with me before my interview. Richard was amazing! He reviewed my stuff, complimented me, and continued correspondence with me. I can't thank him enough for emailing me. And for not freaking out when I sent him unsolicited emails before my interview. He feels that it is a very high chance that I will get freelance, and that he hopes he can get me on a project. He'll hear back on the final decision, and he'll let me know. At the very least I'll get a test. so, these are the baby steps.

This will be the year. I have seen the signs. I hope I join all of you soon. all of you awesome artist that work at those prestigious studios. I look forward to being a contributing member of the wonderful creative effort.

I hope I break a leg, maybe both of my legs. ( I wonder if it's bad luck to wish leg breakage on myself?) Well then, you all, please wish me luck, and pray a lil for me.

Joe David Torres,
aka Leftyjoe

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Armando said...

Wow homie! Your most recent stuff looks amazing! Your portfolio looks great man :P God Bless, and good luck! Hope to see your designs some day.