Monday, December 21, 2009

Natures Mistake!!!

Yo, Natures mistake will be blowing up soon!!! Hopefully!!! *crosses fingers* *knocks on wood*

Yo, we'll be unvailing these fresh designs and a few others in the next few days! Thanks to the awesome crew at D/structure in San Fran!!!
check them out here!!!

Yo, while at "thread" in SF, the natures mistake crew hit up the awesome party at D/Structure. Man, the party was LIVE!!! Way LIVE!
We kept contact with the wonderful radical crew, and now they've helped us get into a magazine. We have a spread, showcasing Leftyjoe art. (Me) (sorry, i refer to myself in 3rd person for google reasons.)
The magazine is called,

check it out here:

Natures mistake will be doing a party with D/structure for new years in SF!!! Come out and show some love!!!

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