Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh, these were the lil paintings I did just to sell at the Cloab show at gallery nucleus.

I did these for the colab market that I had the booth with natures mistake at gallery nucleus in alhambra california
This one is called " Jus' Bee". 2.5"/2.5" acrylic on canvas.

These two lil guys I call "Original Hamsters" 2.5"/2.5" acrylic on canvas.

This one is "Leftyjoe vs the mini jaguar warior" 2.5"/2.5" oil and acrylic on canvas

This one I call, "Chugar skul" you know, it supposed to be a mexican sugar skull, but it's titled with an accent. :P 6"/6" acylic on canvas.

This is "Leftyjoe vs Mr.T" 6"/6" acrylic on canvas.

"Aztec pinky skull" 2.5"/2.5" acrlic on canvas.

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