Monday, January 25, 2010

Art I've been working on from the last few weeks. :)

I did this chewy just for fun in ARTRAGE. Just trying to mix it up. Combining impressionism brush strokes similar to those of Van gogh, with some art nouveau elements and of course that weird Leftyjoe character design style and a lil modern retro cartooning.:) Hope this art is pleasing to the eye, 'cause it sure pleases my eye, and I love doing art like this!!!

These are the finished pieces that were recently in the "From within the shadows" art benefit show at NEW PUPPY GALLERY. Hey, btw, the closing ceremony is in February, please attend, and maybe help the cause to save the endangered animals in Costa Rica, buy a piece or two and your purchase will go to that worthy cause.

These two sugar skulls, or should I say "Chugar skulls" are for the "Kitchen sink" show at Luz de Jesus gallery.

These two bellow are the two concept pieces done digitally.

Here are the digital concepts for this new mickey mouse piece. I did it just for the hell of it. Just re-working the design and doing a study on the lighting.

Here's the final piece, acrylic on canvas as usual. :)

This on is that Hellboy design I love to do. (I showed an erlier version to Mike Mignola at comic con a few years back. He liked the piece.)
this one though, is a study i did on lighting and texture. I got the idea from an old Tim Biskup piece. (I love love LOVE Tim Biskup's stuff!!! He's one of my biggest influences.)

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Justin said...

Good stuff here. First one and last one are my favorites. The skull with the crown of thorns is quite nice too.

You say that one is a concept. Did you loose the crown in the final piece? If so, why?