Sunday, January 31, 2010

A very special message....

To start of the year right,

I want to thank, first of all my very supportive family for putting up with my shit.
Trying to be an artist has never been easy for anyone. (Especially for someone that comes from a family of scholars, doctors, and politicians.)
My ass is flat poor and broke as all heel these days. Don't think I'm loaded. (Degrees and doctorates from Mexico don't mean shit here in the US.
Well, so thank you to my family for standing by me.
Thanks to my adorable lil sister out there. To my lil nephews and cousins!
Thanks to all my friends too, the ones that are friends just because. (the ones that have nothing to do with art.

Thanks to my "brother from another mother" and roommate "Uncle Louie" Louis Bali jr and his awesome family, Suzy & Tim, Divina. Thanks for feeding a starving artist and not leaving my ass in the dirt.

To all the people that have always, and will surely continue to believe in me and my art. From elementary and all the way through college and early employers in the arts industry. Thank you, to all the friendly acquaintances in school, that have always believed that I'd amount to something. *gets chocked up*

A very very special THANK YOU OH SOOOOO FUCKING MUCH to Matt Gieger of Nature's Mistake and his lovely Fiancee Desiree Lin.
Thank you for having my back all this way since we first met back in July when I drew your caricatures at the LA indy Bazzaar.
Thank you, for helping me accomplish dream after dream after dream, and now, Living the fukin dream man!!! Love you Both. These two have done more for my career in just a few months and most people in my whole life! I owe these two a debt of eternal gratitude!!!
(btw, the website is up yo!!!! go buy some shit!!! )
Thanks to Anthony DeLaRosa "DJ ghettoblaster" for helping me get some extra dough on the side by drawing at bars and clubs and for helping take Nature's Mistake to new heights!!!

Thank you to BJ of LAindybazaar, for making it possible for Matt and I to meet.
Also, thank you for making Monsters and Robots possible along with my dreams and aspirations to be a curator!!! Thank you BJ for hooking it up and for helping me pimp out my caricatures for parties business and helping me continue to stay self employed!!!! Love ya BJ!!!

Of course, I can't leave out Chuck BB and Jack Rossi, the two people that brought me right back to my first love, (painting) I never thought I'd want to be a painter or a gallery artist until I caught the bug again back when Chuck and Jack invited me to submit art to their shows.
Love those fools!!!

Thanks to the first galleries that let me show my stuff. Back on 2007.

Man, thanks to Petey and all the Hollywood art walk crew, Hear Gallery, Mike Zepeida and Notorious Jen. Fukin thanks for everything, let's keep it fukin going!!!
Thanks Ron!!!!

Thanks most of all to Valentine and LC of thinkspace gallery!!!
Man, i think those two are the "Oprah" of the LA art scene. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you to the great folk at Nakhon beer!!!! hehe, for supporting my art and my habit. Tozar!!!

Thank you to Vince Wong and Turtle!!!
Thank you for pimping me out!!!

If it weren't for all these wonderful mutha-fukas, my ass wud be sitting around twiddling my dick!!! (sorry for the crude lingo, but that's just my passion talking!!!

Thank you to Timmery Turner of
Thanks for being so open and welcoming and fukin rad and helpfull!!!

Yo!!! Michele Chan, Booleep, Louis Murillo, the Guys at Loft4300, man, thanks for the friendship and companionship!!!

So much thanks goes to a perfect stranger who thought he'd share his limelight yesterday. Oscar Sanchez of
He was gonna get interviewed by, and he brought the crew over to Cannibal flower to interview me last night before the doors opened.
He told the guys from Latismo about me. Wow, who doeas that for a perfect stranger!!!

Thanks to the guys at Latismo, Alex, Anbel and Daniel for the awesome interview and awesome time just hanging.
keep an eye on the website for my interview.

Thank you to all the awesome people I meet doing caricatures for parties! You all keep me fed and keep my self imployed!!! Thank you!!! Thanks to you, I'm living the dream, *sobbs*

Thank you Joanne and Barbara, for the referrals and art patronage. Thank you to the entire Herandez Family and extended family, (you family to me as well) Roger Christy, Cielo, Socorro, all you guys, love and thanks.

Thanks to everyone that I've met these last few months!!!
And, fuk all you assholes!!! You know who you are!!! LOL.
(well, the assholes probably won't read this, but fuck you anyway, just in case.)

Those of you I didn't mention by name, don't worry, I'm sure i thank you all constantly anyway!

Thank you everyone!!!


Michelle Chan said...

Lefty! I love you man, and I am so honored to have met you! Thank you for your art, thank you for your friendship, and thank you for really changing my life and opening me to an entirely different perspective on life! That day we hung out was so fun and completely changed my life man. Meeting Tom that night was very cool too. I cant wait to see more of your art work too, it's getting better and better everytime man! Love it!!

Natures Mistake said...

Thans Brotha, we got ur back for sure, we're gonna kill it wit all our future owe me ice cream.