Saturday, June 05, 2010

Busy busy busy...

Leftyjoe is a LA artist that is trying to make his way into the hearts and minds of Los Angeles and maybe the world. Well, Leftyjoe as you all may know had cancer in 2001. Testicular cancer that quickly reached most of the lymph nodes in his chest.
Well, Leftyjoe is a caricature artist that runs his own independent caricature entertainment business, sending artists to parties of all kinds to provide a unique brand of fun party favor. Well, Leftyjoe also works for Natures Mistake, ( an LA based clothing company that is climbing quickly reaching further and further for the hearts of street wear, skaters, rockers, punks, metal heads and hipsters and more!!!! Leftyjoe, along with Owner and also designer Matt Geiger, rosie erikson and the rest of the NM staff, have been directly and personally affected by cancer. So, Natures mistake and FSP designs (affiliate printing company) try to give back the the community whenever possible.

Natures Mistake/ Leftyjoe and Fsp designs were recently in san diego for Jeans for justice.
jeans for justice, an organization dedicated to help people that have suffered sexual abuse.

Leftyjoe will be drawing caricatures for the City of Hope. Drawing for kids and families affected by cancer.

I've been so busy doing so many cool things with caricatures. Keep an eye out for more pics and drawings.

here's Leftyjoe doing caricatures for a party.

Here's a cute picture of a cute chick holding a drawing that Leftyjoe drew.

to book a dope caricature artist at your next party, go to:

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The$tatusFaction said...

Damn homie, I didn't know all that. REAL TALK! GLAD TO SEE YOU FIGHTING AND HELPING OTHERS! - T$F