Monday, May 18, 2009

A lil warm up before I start painting today.

As I told you all, I'll be doing all the development for my paintings for the group show on ARTRAGE, dude, that program is freakin' sweet!!! Thanks to my best bud Jeremy Russnak, (he gave me the program to mess around with) So, today, to warm up I copied a painting from my favoritest artist in the whole world...Amanda Visell, well, (scott morse is my favoritests, well, ok, lou roman, ok, well, bill wray, ahhhhhhhh..... gotta catch 'em all ARTIST-MON!!!" I guess the best way to learn, is to follow in the brush strokes of the master, Erik Wiese from nickelodeon taught me that. (btw Erik, I'm still going throught the Preston Blair book like you told me...)

Here's the original,

Here's my master study,

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