Sunday, May 24, 2009

More stuff for the Monsters and Robots show.

So, I kinda want to do a series of paintings that show what I used to play as a child. Of course, the group pop art show for July, "mawnstirrs and rowboughts"
So, I did these lil character designs of myself as a kid. The one with the mowhawk is me now but in a kid body, the one with the big hair is how I actually looked like as a kid. I was way too skinny, with big ol' coke bottle glasses and big puffy hair, awesome huh? This was the visual development for the black and white piece that I posted earlier this week.

I used to play in the backyard, where the plants looked like monsters to me. I'd fight the plants, chop the all up, and get totally yelled at by my grama for ruining her garden, lol.

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Damion009 said...

lol... i love it