Thursday, May 28, 2009


I don't think I posted about this yet. So, my super long time ago friend from Rowland animation Mike Nassar called me out of the blue one day. He sent me a link from coldhardflash, about a class taught by sixpointharness, titmouse, renegade, oddbot, animax and other major studios. The class would have 24 seats, and artists would be judged to get in by a council of the studio members.
I freakin' got in and we're well on our way to the end of the class. I'm totally super stoked!!!

I have already worked in Flash studios, (small ones) several times, ok, well, like three times, lol. So, I kinda already know a lil bit more than the basics, although I'm rusty as all hell. I was laid off from a flash place last July, and while there I pretty much did character design towards my last few years. Pretty rusty I might say.
But, in the class, I've gotten my confidence back, and I'm zooming through the homework!!!

Dude, I wanna thank those guys from those studios for taking time out to do this!!!

(I hope I get to work for those guys soon!!!)

Leftyjoe, signing off.

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