Sunday, July 12, 2009

Leftyoe, character designer now up and coming POP artist.

I guess you can say this is my "state of the Leftyjoe career address"
Well, things have been going well for Leftyjoe.
This year has been a year of major progress. Leftyjoe, an undiscovered but up-and-coming LA based "american/mexican chicano artist has been working hard to make a name for himself.
Chuck BB a friend, invited Leftyjoe to do a piece for Chuck BB's "Black Metal" book release party. Since then, several other friends invited him into some group shows. He caught the painting bug and he hasn't stopped.

thanks to a a chance encounter with a friend of Brado James of,

Leftyjoe has met Matt Gieger of who has now taken Leftyjoe under his wing to provide some entertainment at Matt's booths at many of LA's amazing independent events!

Matt Geiger has a company called FSP designs. Matt will be working closely in the near future with Farmhaus and PONY.

This friday, PONY and Farmhous had a block party at their new location.

Beer was provided for the event by affliliate: Nakhon beer,

I was supposed to do some caricatures for tips at the event, just to entertain and add a fun party favor to the event, instead I ended up doing a last minute LIVE PAINTING exhibition. I guess the guy that was supposed to do it dropped out.
Here are the pics, and hopefully I'll put more up soon from that event.
Matt called me to replace the bailed artist. I was happy to do it.

This is the live painting I did for the PONY party, it's a pony, in Leftyjoe style! I experimented in a new style just for the show, maybe a sneak peak at what I'll do in the future.

And this is saturday's event that i did with Matt, it was the Funk rumble in Chinatown.

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